Listener Stories

Your story matters to God and to us at The Wind. We are always hearing about how the right song at the right time impacts your life. 

Shelley said, "I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to offer hope and love in a sometimes grumpy, dirty, hateful world. I have been listening to The Wind on and off for several years. Even when my life has fallen off the rails and I stopped attending church I knew I could find Jesus again in the words of the songs you play. I'm back in church and I listen to your station every day. We sing some of the songs you play at my church and it fills my heart. So thank you! Please keep doing what you're doing!"

Brenda shared: "I do not believe we will ever really know the impact your station has had on the lives of people who listen regularly, and those who just happen to listen at just the right time, that hear exactly what they need to hear, at exactly the right time. As I was driving to work I heard you say you were taking prayer requests. I needed prayer that day! I was grateful that I had someone to pray for me, and my situation. What they do not understand is that I did not feel as alone as I did a few hours before and things did not look as bleak as they did before. It gave me hope!"

Greg wrote on Facebook: "My wife died on the seventh of this month. I have been grieving and not really being able to express it. One day you played Just Breathe by Jonny Diaz. I can see her at the feet of our Father, or even in His lap. Thank you for being there."

Melissa said, "The Wind helped me when I was in a low point with doubt of whose daughter I was. Your songs lifted me up and reminded me who my father is, thank you and God bless you all."

Christina heard a poem that impacted her life, "I'm listening to the station on my phone while I'm at work. The last poem that as read was awesome. It hits home. I also teared up. Great job. Thanks for always being part of my day. When it is stressful, which is the majority of the time, I turn the The Wind on and I can fill the peace surround me."

And, Missy told us, "I want to say thank you for creating such a wonderful station to listen to. I can be honest and say, I never really thought my car's radio station would be set to a christian music station. Not that I never listened to it, it's just that when we would get in the car it was usually set to something one of my teenage children had set it to, so it would just stay. Now, they know not to touch the dial. There have been a lot of changes like this in our lives in the last 8 months. It's so nice to be able to listen to positive and encouraging words every day. It has been your station, and some other pretty powerful stations that have helped get us through what has honestly been the hardest and worst thing to happen to our family. It has been the songs playing that honestly carried me through. I understand that they're just songs and it was God that gave us the miracle we needed, but it was the songs we could hear that often reminded us God was right there with us. It was through songs so many times, that messages from God were being sent. It's not a coincidence when EVERY song that we needed to hear (that would have the certain message) would play at the EXACT moment we needed it."

You can share your story of how God has used The Wind to impact your life. Write us on Facebook, or use the open mic feature on our mobile app.