13 years ago, I lost my only child.

13 years ago, I lost my only child. I was very lost and struggled with my grief for the first five years. I tried to take my life several times. I started listening to your station, and I don't know when it happened but one evening, I finally understood that God had not forsaken me. That God has been there all along holding my hand, helping me every day get through such a great loss. I finally, truly got it that one day I would be with my beautiful son again. Now, every day that passes I know I am one step closer to holding my son again and never having to let him go. I've gone on to reach out to other bereaved parents. To lose a child is the most devastating loss of them all and it's hard to find your way, but I tell everyone, “Please hold on to your faith. God will see you through.” Thank you for giving me back hope and a reason to go on.

- Michelle