Hope in a Bottle

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Hope in a Bottle

I'm Michelle. I want to share a beautiful story that comes from a book called the power of hope from Dutch Sheets. In 1965 during a family reunion in Florida, a grandmother woke everyone up at 2:00 AM issuing orders to get empty Coke, bottles, corks, and paper. "I received a message from God!" She said, people must hear his word she wrote versus on paper while the grandchildren bottled and cork them.

Then everyone deposited over 200 bottles into the surf at Cocoa Beach. People contacted her and thanked her for the scriptures throughout the years. She died in November, 1974 and the next month the last letter arrived.

"Dear Mrs. Goss, I'm writing this letter by candlelight. We no longer have electricity on the farm. My husband was killed in the fall when the tractor overturned. He left 11 young children and myself. The bank is foreclosing. There's one loaf of bread left, there's snow on the ground and Christmas is two weeks away. I prayed for forgiveness before I went to drowned by South. The river had been frozen for weeks. So I didn't think it would take long. Then I broke the ice and a Coke bottle floated up. I opened it, and with tears and trembling hands, I read about hope"

How did this lifesaving Coke bottle make a nine year journey all the way from cocoa beach, Florida to a river in Ohio, and not just any river, mind you, but the right river near the right farm at the right time? How amazing is God? We need to know he's the God of hope. Any orchestrates the big picture, doesn't he?

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