Broken Yet Beautiful

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Broken Yet Beautiful

At the Royal palace of Turan in Iran, you can see one of the most beautiful mosaic works in the world. The ceilings and walls flash like diamonds in multifaceted reflections. Originally, when the palace was designed, the architects specified huge sheets of mirrors on the walls.

When the first shipment arrived from Paris, they found to their horror that the mirrors were shattered. The contractor threw them in the trash. And brought the sad news to the architect.

Amazingly, the architect ordered all of the broken pieces collected, then smashed them into tiny pieces. Then he glued them onto the walls to create a mosaic of silvery, shimmering mirrored bits of glass broken to become beautiful.

It's possible to turn your shattered image into a shimmering testimony of beauty. It's possible to be better because of brokenness. It's extremely rare to find in the great museums of the world objects of antiquity that are unbroken. Indeed, some of the most precious items in the world are only broken pieces.

Broken but beautiful. Out of your brokenness, out of your place of pain. God knows how to bring healing and make it a place of worship. Aren't you grateful for that today?

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