Choose Love

Family Devotional

 "We love because he first loved us." - John 4:19 NIV

Three Strategies to Choose Love in 2023

1) Love through prayer. He has commanded us to love, but He does not expect us to do it on our own. Ask God to help you see people through His eyes. Through God, you can gain the strength to love those who may be difficult to love. Humble yourself before the Lord—because sometimes you may be difficult to love as well.

2) Love through action. Love isn’t all service, but it is a large part of it. We serve Him by loving each other, and we can serve others in love. Put love into action: volunteer, help a neighbor with yard work, or invite a friend to church. 

3) Love through attentiveness. Family and friends love to feel loved. Offer recognition of the time and effort put into the dinner on the table, concern when they’re unhappy, or words of affirmation when they need some encouragement. Simply being available can show your love in big ways.

Be An Example!

Show patience rather than frustration at the person ahead of you in the lunch line or that slower car in traffic. 
Offering forgiveness when you feel you have been wronged. 
Setting aside time to read scripture and worship God each day. 
Focusing on courtesy in your everyday interactions with teachers, friends and family. 
Praying for a friend, family member, acquaintance—or someone you don’t get along with. 

We know how it feels to be on the receiving end of love, so how wonderful it is also to spread love to others. When we consider the gift of God’s unconditional love, we realize how truly lucky we are to be loved by Him. Not only does sharing love make others feel good, it lifts you up as well. Spred the love this February! 


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