Team Run Like The Wind


If you recognize where your faith and running intersect then be part of the Team Run Like The Wind community! It’s FREE to participate by joining our Facebook group. Together we use media to promote area races and support them in attendance.  For selected events, running representative(s) are responsible for providing additional social sharing and responsibilities to help encourage community presence. Complimentary registrations will typically be given to the running reps. for their additional service. That means you could race for free!

In an effort to promote fitness, health, and wellness, The Wind team is committed to supporting running events in our community. All levels of walkers, runners, fitness enthusiasts, and volunteers welcome! If you're a race director, please email or send a note via messenger to see how we can help with your event.  

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Join the Team Run Like The Wind Facebook group for more conversation.

Email any time. 

Thanks and hope to see you on the road, happy running!