Catch Me If You Can

Win over $500 in prizes!

Catch Me If You Can!

Get your detective skills ready and prepare to win some GREAT prizes!

How it works...
Starting on Monday, September 11th, we will give a clue (on-air only!) about a local mystery person of the week. Be listening each day for a new clue that will help you figure out who it is and track them down.

The longer it takes you to catch the mystery person of that week, the bigger the prize package gets. If you are the first one to find them and ask if they are The Wind's mystery person, they will hand you the golden envelope and you will win the prize(s) for that week! For example, if you wait until Friday to track them down, you will win ALL the prizes!

Three chances to win...
You will have 3 chances, each in a different community! There will be a mystery person in Springfield, Branson, and Joplin.
Week 1: September 11-15
(FOUND - Dan Reiter, Springfield Cardinals general manager)

Week 2: September 18-22
(FOUND - Steve Gilbreth, principal of McAuley Catholic High School & St. Peter's Middle School in Joplin)

Week 3: September 25-29
(FOUND - Tom Beck, World's Largest Toy Museum in Branson)
The prize package builds each day...
Monday - $100 pizza gift card
Tuesday - $100 grocery card
Wednesday - $100 Amazon card
Thursday - 16 ft outdoor inflatable movie screen (value: $99.99)
Friday - Portable outdoor projector (value: $169.99)
Total Value = $570
Brush up on your sleuthing skills and get ready to have some fun!