Frequently Asked Questions

What song just played?

CLICK HERE to see a log of songs we have played.

I would like to request a song!

Our request line is 800-394-9535. Or, you can send an email to Please understand that because of time constraints, we cannot always air the songs that are requested.

I'm a local artist.  Can The Wind play my music?

The Wind is passionate about local talent. However, with an overwhelming number of songs available there is a limited number of additions we are able to make to our playlist. If an artist wants to share a link or an MP3 file please contact our Music Director, Trina Wilcox at If we decide it's a fit for our playlist we will reach out for further information and appropriate file formats. Thank you for considering The Wind to play your music!

I just won a prize.  How do I receive it?

Someone from the station will be contacting you either by phone or email.  If you have any questions, you can call us at 417.889.0883 or email Katie Rickman -

How can I support The Wind?

  • You may donate securely online, CLICK HERE
  • Become a More Than Music Mission Partner! ($30/mo. or $360 one time)
  • With your time! Become a Registered Volunteer, and serve at one of our concerts or events.
  • Your Business or place of employment can help underwrite portions of our everyday programming. We would enjoy visitng with you about becoming a Ministry Partner.

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