A Home For Every Child

Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Over 13,000 children are in the system in the state. Some need temporary healing homes as foster families many others need forever families through the gift of adoption.

Pure undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father
is to care for orphans and widows - James 1:27

I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you - John 14:18

Adult Outcomes of Kids in US Foster Care *
Aged Out of System Placed In Homes Before 18yrs
Currently Employed
Women Receiving Food Stamps
Males Incarcerated As Adults


Adoption & Foster Care Resources

The Adoption Exchange
The Missouri Office of The Adoption Exchange is dedicated to helping waiting children in Missouri find safe, loving, permanent homes. In addition, we are here to assist adoptive families by providing resource information and referrals, support, advocacy, and education.
https://www.adoptex.org/ / 1-800-554-2222

FaithBridge Foster Care
Christian Foster licensing and adoption
www.faithbridgefostercare.org / 678-690-7100

FosterAdopt Connect
We work to bring stability and support to children and families through a variety of innovative programs designed to fill gaps found in the child welfare system.
www.fosteradopt.org / 417-866-3672

Bethany Christian Services
Foster care and adoption

A gallery of children who need forever families
www.Hope1312co.org / 912-399-7866